willing to stop the world and melt with you

WARNING: A fondness of baths is required to thoroughly enjoy our products.


We have recently relocated to the Orlando,FL area!

I look forward to growing my business in this new area.

Established in 2015 in Nashville,TN we quickly grew into a locally known favorite. We pride ourselves on making quality crafted bath bombs with unique names and premium ingredients. Our names come from all walks of pop culture, or a twist on a common phrase. 

The FDA regulates what ingredients can be used in cosmetics and body products for your safety. We follow those regulations closely to ensure our customers are buying a quality product, made thoughtfully and responsibly. 


$7 flat rate standard shipping for US purchases (EXCLUDES AK and HI).

Actual Warning:

Not for children under 3. Not edible. May make your tub slippery. Keep out of eyes and mouth. In rare cases, skin irritation may occur. Always test this product on a small area of skin before initial use. Do not use if your skin is cracked, damaged or sunburned. 


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